Become the Artisan with Radical Roots CSA

The Artisan inside us is stirring.  The Artisan is the skilled craftsperson who uses their hands, instead of machines, and time honored, unique methods to produce a quality product.  Nurturing food has always been the realm of the artisan with stinky cheese, crusty bread, wine and, of course, vegetables from the garden.  When you fulfill your commitment to yourself to eat healthy, unprocessed, … [Read more...]

Passing on a Craft…Radical Roots Apprenticeship

Hot, sweaty, tired and happy.  This is what it takes to grow food on a small scale, using organic methods.  When my wife and I wanted to learn how to farm back in the 90's, we searched for the best farms growing the highest quality food around. We worked for experienced farmers to learn directly from them.  We felt so passionate about learning these new skills that we felt like we could keep doing … [Read more...]

Radical Roots Farm is now USDA Certified Organic

You demanded it so we are supplying it -- Fifty different crops all certified organic. This means that our entire supply chain is certified organic as well.  All of our amendments, straw mulch and compost meets strict organic standards. They tested our water, our soil and our knowledge of organic methods all to ensure that you get the healthiest freshest vegetables, herbs and fruits … [Read more...]

Plant Sale & Farm Tour

On April 19, 2014, Radical Roots Farm will hold a plant sale and offer tours at its location in Keezletown, Virginia. You are invited to tour our five-acre market garden with water catchment swales, food forest, permanent raised beds and of course an abundant plant nursery.  Certified Organic vegetable and herb potted plants for sale from 10 am-4 pm with free farm tour at 2:30. … [Read more...]